You will learn how to blackout text in a screenshot on Windows, Mac OS and Linux without installing any extra software.

  1. Open DataMask Editor by navigating to
  2. Drag and Drop a screenshot you want to blackout
  3. Select mask tool
  4. Choose blackout masking mode
  5. Click and drag over the screenshot area you want to blackout
  6. Click save icon in the top right area of the header to download modified screenshot

You can also follow the steps in a video format:

Alternatively add DataMask Editor shortcut to your desktop

DataMask Editor is a progressive web app and you can add a shortcut to your desktop for easy access in the future. You add the screenshot by clicking on a plus icon in the URL bar in Chrome browser.

Mask data before taking the screenshot

If you are taking many website screenshots, then consider using DataMask Pro browser extension. Extension enables masking website data before taking the screenshot and saves time editing after the fact.