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DataMask 2.0.0 extension update is live in Chrome Web Store


DataMask browser extension 2.0.0 is live in Chrome Web Store and brings a number of user experience improvements. Continue reading...

DataMask Editor is available on Microsoft Windows Store


DataMask Editor is now available on Microsoft Windows Store and can be installed as a desktop application on your Windows computer. Editor for Windows has the same features as the web version, but is packaged in a more familiar format for Windows users. Continue reading...

DataMask 1.6.1 extension update brings persisted masking


DataMask browser extension has been updated to 1.6.1 version and brings a number of improvements and changes. Continue reading...

Open Chrome without extensions


You may be in a situation where you quickly need a new Google Chrome browser window, but with all extensions disable. This can be useful in various scenarios like web performance assessments, higher privacy or browser automation. Continue reading...

Things you should know about Chrome extension privacy and security


Google Chrome extensions can access all websites you visit. For the most part, this is a necessary requirement to build productivity tools that can save many hours of your time. Unfortunately, sometimes extension developers don’t have the best intentions in their mind and sell your browsing history to third-party companies to make an extra buck. What can you do to take control of privacy and security back in your hands? Continue reading...

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