We only collect telemetry data which helps to improve DataMask browser extension and fix issues.

What we DON'T collect

DataMask browser extension does not collect any information from website where extension is activated. Period.

What we DO collect

DataMask extension logs which features are used and how often. Programmatic exceptions originating from the DataMask extension are also logged. landing page tracks user visits and interactions, but does not use advertisement targeting cookies.

DataMask Pro licence validation flow requires Google Account authentication. This grants DataMask access to user Full Name, Email and read-only access to Chrome Web Store licences. We may use the user full name and email address to send emails with product updates. Users can opt-out from emails at any point by sending an email to Users can also revoke DataMask access to Google Account information by visiting

Third-party services

Google Analytics service is used for telemetry collection on landing page and browser extension.