DataMask browser extension has been updated to 1.5.0 version and it brings a number of improvements and changes.

Lifetime license

Google has made a decision to retire payment support in the Chrome Web Store. Following this decision, we have moved payment handling to Gumroad and decided to switch to a lifetime license model.

Lifetime license brings free updates and we believe that it better serves DataMask users and simplifies business purchasing decisions.

We appreciate our first adopters, so all Pro users will be upgraded to a lifetime license for free. License change will be seamless to paid users, but if you have any issues please contact us at [email protected].

Pro features and DataMask Pro extension

Previously you had to install DataMask Pro extension to use Pro features. With 1.5.0 release, DataMask and DataMask Pro extensions are essentially the same extension and in the future we will be slowly migrating to only having one extension. You can now try Pro features and purchase a Pro license in the DataMask extension.