DataMask browser extension has been updated to 1.6.1 version and brings a number of improvements and changes.

New persisted masking feature

We are excited to announce that DataMask now supports persisted masking that remains even after website reload. It's perfect for online meetings, so no sensitive data slips during screen sharing. Persisted actions are: blur, blur+, scramble and edit.

Check out demo video

Additional host permission

To implement persisted masking we needed to request a new hosts permission that grants DataMask access to all websites. We understand that this is a wide reaching permission, but this was the only way to provide unique persisted masking capability. We want to assure you that we are strictly following our privacy policy and will never collect any private data or browsing patterns.

How to get latest version?

If you already have DataMask extension it will update automatically. If you are using DataMask Pro extension, please migrate to regular DataMask extension. We have recently aligned functionality between both extensions and will be continuing forward with one extension.