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How to convert screenshot to JPG


You will learn how to convert screenshot to jpg without installing any additional software on your computer. For this task you will be using free DataMask online image editor.

DataMask Editor is an offline web application that you can safely run from a browser without installing anything on your personal or work computer. Screenshot image is processed locally in the browser and no sensitive data leaves your computer. Continue reading...

How to blackout text in screenshot


You will learn how to blackout text in a screenshot on Windows, Mac OS and Linux without installing any extra software. Continue reading...

How to take screenshot in Chrome without an extension?


Knowing how to take screenshots using Google Chrome browser can be very useful when full or partial website screenshots are needed. Chrome allows to make screenshots without any additional software and works consistently across all supported operating systems: Windows, MacOS and Linux. Continue reading...

How to securely blur text in screenshots


Blur effect and black marker are the most commonly used tools to hide sensitive information in screenshots. Unfortunately it is not a common knowledge, that both of these techniques can be reversed with relatively easy steps. No complicated Artificial Intelligence or expensive software are required. For example, in this article Jim Fisher describes how to recover blurred information with few lines of trivial pseudo code. Similarly, you can find techniques of how to undo “blacked out” text in this stackexchange discussion. Continue reading...

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